8-puzzles algorithm

AIMA: 8-puzzles

topics: DFS, IDS, A*, Greedy, Informed Search 1


8-puzzle problem
Given any randomly generated start state and a goal state shown below, implement the IDS, greedy search and A* search algorithms, respectively, to find a sequence of actions that will transform the state from the start state to the goal state.

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GD & SGD 理解与二维模拟

Machine Learning Exercise 2


  1. Generate n = 2,000 points uniformly at random in the two-dimensional unit square. Which point do you expect the centroid to be?
  2. What objective does the centroid of the points optimize?
  3. Apply gradient descent (GD) to find the centroid.
  4. Apply stochastic gradient descent (SGD) to find the centroid. Can you
    say in simple words, what the algorithm is doing?

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